Resellers - How to Order

Approved Resellers can view wholesale prices (invisible to other customers) for products in the Resellers Collection. To place an order, please follow these steps:

1. Login to Your Account

You must login before you can see and order wholesale products.

2. Select Products

Go to Resellers Collection to see all products available for wholesale. Select a product. Special information for reseller is in the GREEN BOX. Wholesale Price = price for Resellers if you order the minimum quantity of this product. Minimum Quantity = this product only. You cannot mix different products to make the minimum quantity. You can mix any color of this product.

3. Order Form

Open the Order Form and fill in your account details. On page 2, add all the items you want to buy. (see where to find the product SKU) On page 3, select your delivery and payment options. Submit the order.

You will receive an Order Confirmation Email after we check your order. The email contains the details of your order and payment instructions. Just make payment, and we will send your goods out immediately.